Courses and Experiences

We are a RAPTOR AWARDS Training and Assessment Centre

Please note that all courses must be pre-booked. Spectators by arrangement.

To book, please ring us on 01434 250400 or email lowdenray@aol.com

This is a 3 hour course (11am – 2pm) during which we will introduce you to our birds and show you how we look after them.

The course will include:-

  • A tour of the centre.
  • How to tie the falconer’s knot, attach a swivel and jesses, oiling jesses etc.
  • The correct method to pick up a bird, weigh a bird and place it back safely on its perch.
  • Participate in a training or flying session and learn how to receive a bird onto the fist.

After the course you are welcome to spend the remainder of the day at the Centre and perhaps even help with the feeding!

Cost   –   Children (age 9-14) £60 per person   –   Adults £80 per person

Family Experience Introduction to Falconry + Mini Hawk Walk (2 Adults + 2 Children ) £160

This is a 5 hour course (11am – 4pm) designed to give a basic understanding of the requirements for people who are considering purchasing a bird of prey.

The course will include:-

  • All aspects of the “Introduction to Falconry Course”     Plus
  • Correct housing for your bird, perches, hygiene etc.
  • Basic flying techniques including training methods.
  • Diet, types of food available and methods of feeding.
  • Choosing and purchasing a suitable bird.

Cost £110 per person – please note this course can be extended to a number of days to ensure that the participant reaches the required standard before purchasing a bird.

This is an ideal treat for anyone who loves owls and birds of prey. They will have the opportunity to get “hands on” experience with these spectacular birds.  The course will last approximately 1 hours and is designed for children or adults who are interested in nature and birds in general, but especially owls. 

Cost  £30.00 per person

Enjoy the experience of walking in the surrounding countryside with one of our Harris hawks following on and swooping down to take food from your fist.

Reduced rates are available for larger parties wishing to join the walk and enjoy the experience without flying a bird. Next day bookings subject to availability.

1 hour duration

Cost £35.00 per person.    Family Hawk Walk  £85 ( 2 Adults + 2 Children )

If you love photography and would like the opportunity to take pictures of a selection of our birds, then this is perfect for you.  We will set up the shot in a natural looking environment to enable you to get the best picture possible.  All of our courses are on a one to one basis so it will just be you and the falconer, oh, and the birds!  If you want to share your day with a friend or relative that is OK too, but we will never make you share your day with a stranger.

The cost is £55 per person